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Removal of wild animals, snakes, skunks, porcupines, birds, gophers, prairie dogs. – Big Sky Wildlife Control Services stays busy placing critters where they belong.

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Billings Wild Animal Removal Billings Montana

Yes we do snakes – lots of them. Billings Snake Control and Snake Removal

David Salys , CWCP Member , NWCOA Certified Wildlife Control Professional

Nationally recognized as a Certified Wildlife Control Professional through successfully completing the requirements of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and proven to the Certification Review Board, one hundred (100) hours of developmental education, over thirty-six (36) months experience and agree to follow a strict Code of Ethics.



We are called Big Sky Wildlife Control LLC for all the right reasons we enjoy solving Billings & Eastern Montana‘s animal control , wild animal removal and wildlife control problems all under this great big sky we all call home here – Montana.



We trap, remove,control and prevent nuisance wildlife, ground squirrels, raccoons, skunks, prairie dogs, pigeons ,snakes near Billings and most of Eastern Mt. Member, National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA)

We provide Beaver Control, Raccoon Control, Snake Control, Skunk Control, Squirrel Control, we remove rockchucks and yellow bellied marmots, trap, manage and remove predators such as coyote, fox, raccoon , and other predators. We are a professional animal control company and not your local county animal control who may provide some free services if any. We have a very effective and lethal rodent removal program and trap, and prevent future rat and mouse problems.

Billings & Most Of Eastern Montana Service Locations

We service Billings Montana, Yellowstone County Mt, Carbon County Mt, Stillwater County Mt, Sweet Grass County Mt, Musselshell County Mt, Mt Treasure County Mt, Big Horn County Mt, and most of Eastern Montana.

Billings Prairie Dog Pest Control

A black-tailed prairie dog at the National Zoo...
Yes We get rid of Nuisance Prairie Dogs !!

We do a lot of of prairie dog control work and most of our referrals come from both near and far. Many call and tell us they have heard about our success with prairie dog fumigation. We specialized in towns under 5 acres.

Billings Prairie Dog Trapping

Cage traps can be used to capture prairie dogs, but the process is typically too expensive and time consuming to be employed for prairie dog control since most prairie dog towns consist of hundreds to thousands of prairie dog .

Other Billings Prairie Dog Control Methods

A wide variety of home alternative prairie dog removal methods have been tried in desperate attempts to permanently remove and control prairie dogs. Engine exhaust, dry ice, butane, propane, gasoline, anhydrous ammonia, insecticides, nonregistered rodenticides, water, and dilute cement are all unregistered for prairie dog control. None of these have proven proven to be as cost effective or even successful as registered rodenticides, and most are hazardous to applicators and/or non-target species. In addition, those methods that have been observed by prairie dog control specialists (exhaust, propane, ammonia, non-registered rodenticides, and water) were substantially more expensive than registered and recommended methods.

Billings Ground Squirrel Control and Removal

Another common nuisance animal near Billings Montana is the Richardson’s Ground Squirrel

Billings Gopher Removal

Hear in Eastern Montana we have several small burrowing critters in the rodent family that could be causing damage and not just the prairie dog but also ground squirrels and gophers. We remove them all call us!!

Billings Pigeon Control, Billings Pigeon Exterminator

We do a lot of bird work and come in handy when shooting birds is not the best or safest means of removing them. Most of our bird control work involves pigeon control and pigeon extermination . We also can help with grackles, pigeons, sparrows, swallows starlings, woodpeckers and other nuisance bird species IAW local, state and federal law.

We provide provide a number of bird harassment techniques up to and including lethal control measures as permitted by law.

Billings Snake Control


Put your fear of snakes to rest. We solve all snake problems and bring you the satisfaction and trap and remove snakes and give you peace of mind. We also offer year round snake trapping to keep other snakes from migrating in on your property in the future.

Billings Raccoon Removal

Billings Beaver Trapper

Billings Skunk Removal

Billings Wildlife Removal

Billings Emergency Bat Removal

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