About Big Sky Wildlife Control Services,llc

Billings, Montana

Big Sky Wildlife Control Services,llc (BSWCS) was established in February of 2002 to meet the demands of a growing wildlife conflict problem in Billings,Montana and most of Eastern Montana. With that we became the Billing’s areas first professional wildlife control service. Founder Dave Salys has a very extensive and varied background in trapping and wildlife control. Beginning in the late sixties trapping the various wildlife available he developed an innate ability to catch and control any of the many species encountered.

An alerted prairie dog sitting at the entrance...
Billings Prairie Dog Elimination

One of the first challenges for BSWCS was to efficiently trap snakes, since there was very little published information on the subject. Through trial and error we came up with a trap design we call a Snake Guide. It’s design not only captures large numbers of snakes in each trap but keeps the trap operating in all types of weather and protects the captured snakes from the elements until they can be removed.

Another major problem animal in Eastern Montana are black-tailed prairie dogs as well as their smaller cousin the Richardson’s ground squirrel, known locally as “gophers”. Although trapping ground squirrels can have positive results it just isn’t practical for prairie dogs. We are a state licensed applicator of fumigants and poison baits for all burrowing vertebrate agricultural pests. We specialize in prairie dog towns under 100 acres which allows us to stop them before the town gets out of control. Here again we took the application of fumigants to a new level by refining our equipment for maximum efficiency. With these refinements we can now fumigate burrows from late March until late September and claim a 99-100% elimination. Prior to our fine tuned methods most applicators only did control work during April and May.

BSWCS may specialize in the before mentioned species but we offer just as efficeint methods for all species of Montana wildlife. This list includes but is not limited to beaver, skunks, bats, pigeons, pack rats, woodpeckers, flickers, voles, raccoons, northern pocket gophers, birds, ground squirrels,muskrats,prairie dogs,red fox squirrels,red squirrels, porcupines, feral rabbits, cottontail rabbits, jack rabbits, rockchucks, marmots, badgers, mice, fish, salamanders, all species of snakes including rattlesnakes ,garter,bull,gopher, milk, green and blue racers.

We also offer small and large pet and animal carcass removal up to 500# and in agreement with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks we remove road killed deer and antelope carcasses from private property. Exclusion services for most species and new home inspections to find those flaws that so many builders leave behind which allow easy access for wildlife. Examples are attics,crawlspaces,soffits,dormers,raised decks and where roof lines meet.

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